Four ways to stay healthy this winter – January 2018

Stacy D. Fehlinger Certified Health Coach Owner ofHealthy 4 Life, LLC(678) 719-2283 stacy@longevitycoachstacy.comSchedule a COMPLIMENTARY 30 minute Weight Loss Breakthrough Session with Stacy at Weight Loss Breakthrough Session.Richard Jung/Getty ImagesWinter can cause a yearning in your soul to warm up by a cozy fire and finally slow down.  I love that nature works like this, innately causing us to change with the seasons, have you ever noticed?  The winter brings the desire for warmer foods, connection with loved ones, and more rest and relaxation.  The critical part of this fascinating natural phenomenon is that we listen and oblige. Another tendency is to feel our desire to workout slow down this season, which is also common.  There are a few ways I go into the Winter season mindful of this, and I'm going to share with you my top ways to help you keep a Winter wellness … [Read More...]

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